Facebook has a Patent for Sensing your Emotions!

Facebook BrowsingYou are relaxing on the couch after a hard day’s work – you have your smart phone in hand and enjoy the thought of being able to privately and peacefully browse your Facebook news feed.

The questions is, are your thoughts and feelings your own?

Facebook’s USA Patent no. US 9681166 B2 entitled: ‘Techniques for emotion detection and content delivery’ was recently published on 13 June 2017.

Facebook’s patent claims a computer implemented method and apparatus for identifying content for display based upon the presented emotion type, the content including one or more of social networking posts, social networking photos, social networking videos, social networking audio, social networking advertisements, or social networking applications.

In essence, your browsing ways and emotions are recorded and content are presented to you based on what your emotion is at a specific moment.

Whether Facebook has started using this technology, is another question, but it has a patent on it in the USA and shows us where technology is heading. Patents like these will certainly be open to controversy.

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