Who I am and why I am blogging.

woried expression

You are the business owner, entrepreneur, HR manager, marketing manager, and even the employee in your own business.

I can imagine that you often feel overwhelmed and like the lady in the picture above when confronted with more new things to manage in your already busy work schedule?

Somebody mentions the phrase “intellectual property” – you pause a second, and think by yourself: “I’ve heard about this, but what is it exactly? Can it be beneficial to my business? Do my business have anything worthwhile protecting?

These are the type of questions, I believe many new business owners are faced with.

In this day and age, people are information hungry and I believe people are not knowledgeable enough when it comes to what their business is worth and what is of value and what not. They also don’t know what is protectable and where they can obtain a monopoly.

My name is Theo du Preez and I am registered patent attorney and intellectual property law attorney. My future blogs will be aimed at providing the business owner, entrepreneur and the like with valuable training material as to what indicators they can look out for in their business that can add value. I plan to specifically focus on how we can change the unhappy business owner, entrepreneur expression above into a happy one as depicted in the image below.


I trust my blogs on the various types of Intellectual Property including Trademarks, Patents, Registered Designs and Copyright will assist those who are keen to learn. It may just help them grow their business.

The upshot is, do you already feel as if you don’t have enough hands to cope with all existing matters in your business, trust me to assist you in protecting what is of true value – your intangible business assets.