Facebook has a Patent for Sensing your Emotions!

You are relaxing on the couch after a hard day’s work – you have your smart phone in hand and enjoy the thought of being able to privately and peacefully browse your Facebook news feed. The questions is, are your thoughts and feelings your own? Facebook’s USA Patent no. US 9681166 B2 entitled: ‘Techniques for emotion detection and content… Read More


Who I am and why I am blogging.

You are the business owner, entrepreneur, HR manager, marketing manager, and even the employee in your own business. I can imagine that you often feel overwhelmed and like the lady in the picture above when confronted with more new things to manage in your already busy work schedule? Somebody mentions the phrase “intellectual property” – you… Read More

‘Fidgit Spinner’ Patent

Poor inventor lost out on Millions! Catherine Hettinger, the inventor of the ‘Fidget Spinner’, neglected to pay the annual patent renewal fees and now others are cashing in…     Don’t allow others to benefit from your creative ideas. Contact us at Richards Attorneys, www.riclaw.co.za to protect your intellectual property.